When I think back to my time in college, I think about seeing local bands at house shows and drinking cheap beer. Apart from staying up late and cramming, standing in strangers living rooms was always good time. Meeting new artists and fellow students in the sleepy town of Denton, Texas was so much fun.

While I rarely go to house shows since college, I indulge from time to time. I first met Justin Cooley (@boutislameat one such show in the fall of 2015. He was drumming for another band at the time, however over the years he's been crafting his own music with a certain panache and precision like I've never seen before. 


I reached out to him, and offered to design and build him a website. In our initial talks, the highest design priority was simplicity. Apart from that, we wanted extensibility — so we went with WordPress (which I write about a lot), and setup a blog to catalog his musings, new releases and anything under the sun.

Instead of going the common route of a single-page scrolling website, we opted for a modular-component page-driven design. Which sets us up for success later, when we plan on rolling out more features. I designed a simple SVG equalizer pre-loader as well — it's the little thing on the web 😉

While it was a simple initial build, we plan on extending the theme later. Such as adding WooCommerce to sell future releases, and Mailchimp email capture.

Visit BOUT's website here.

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