The Perot Museum

Web Tools and Goals

The main goal of the project was to host as much info for the event, and invite interested philanthropists to join. The website was built on a statically, using Gulp, Git SCM and Bootstrap for rapid prototyping.

Early on, we decided it would be best to use practical, effective and meaningful animations where we could. This included a CSS filter on the hero images, and @fat’s zoom.js on gallery imagery. The various packages a donor could purchase were accessible on the microsite. As far as functionality, purchasing tickets would take the user to the main website for purchase. The main site is a custom PHP-powered CMS, which was built by Lifeblue.

A demo of the CSS animation we made can be viewed below. It’s highly experimental, but luckily the fallback was merely the image as-is.

Just hit re-run on the Codepen below.

Night at the Museum, Illuminate

Every year, Dallas’ premier science museum puts together a massive fundraising party called, Night at the Museum. We decided to create a dedicated microsite to create more buzz about the event and to catalyze other philanthropists to donate to the museum.

The overall theme for 2015 was inspired by the Year of Light. The board decided on the theme of, Illumination. Creative Direction was completed under former AIGA Executive Board Member, and professor at DCCCD, Mandy Engleman.

See the Pen Filter Animation by Stephen Petrey (@smpetrey) on CodePen.