Six Flags Fright Fest

Web Design Goals

  • Responsive
  • Highly image driven, to give each park the power to control their own visual language
  • A multisite experience for all 13 Parks that are involved in Fright Fest
  • A one-page scrolling micro-site to minimize outbound traffic and bounces
  • 6 sections of quick, concise sections
  • Delightful and meaningful interactions
  • A useable, and easy to read pricing table
  • A Fixed Scrollspy Navigation


Looking Back

Because there were 13 parks participating in Fright Fest in 2016, it was very difficult to manage each park's image-driven narrative. In retrospect, I don't think a one-page scroll-site was the most effective idea.

My biggest design priority was to ensure proper communication of tickets/passes in a pricing table. Regardless, the website did swimmingly — Six Flags had record sales of tickets and maze passes that year.