Apple’s Strategy to Remove the Keyboard

MacBook with a mechanical Keyboard and a multi touch Trackpad MacBook with Touch Bar and mechanical Keyboard, and a multi-touch Trackpad MacBook with Touch Bar and solid state Keyboard Keys (not unlike the iPhone 7 home button), and a multi-touch Trackpad MacBook with a full-screen transmutable touchscreen Keyboard (you heard me), and multi-touch Trackpad And finally a … Continued

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

Recently I was asked, “Stephen are you a web designer, or a web developer?” Wait a minute. I have to choose? I can’t do a little bit of both? What are you implying? There was a lot of questions. The problem in corporate workspaces is mainly flexibility. And by flexibility I mean transmutability. Older, deep-rooted conservative organizations prefer … Continued

A Familiar Face Returns to Twitter

When Standard Oil began vertically and horizontally integrating sections of industry into its’ grasp, people got pretty upset. Ultimately, it led to The Department of Justice suing the company in 1911 under federal law and allegations of anti-trust. The Rockefeller’s vision for the planet, was bleak and self-serving. Apparently, vertically and horizontally integrating businesses can … Continued

Designers or Ingenieurs?

A few nights ago, I was re-watching The Prestige. Then I heard a mysterious word. Ingenieur. In the film, Angier’s ingenieur is Cutter, played by Michael Caine. In the closing narration of the film Michael Caine utters these final words: Now you’re looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you’re … Continued