An online contemporary art database that doesn't suck.

Adhoc is the definitive contemporary artist database.

The overall mission of Adhoc is to document and curate contemporary art. Leah Constantine is the Editor-in-Chief. The organization interviews artists, curates shows, and writes editorials on art and design.


Web Design and Goals

The overall design draws a lot of inspiration from the homebrew galleries Adhoc visits. Deep usage of Helvetica, rich thumbnails, large hero images and rampant whitespace.

The website is built on WordPress, and the organization actively collects submissions from artists all over the globe. The website has two major categories: Editorials and Interviews. Currently the editor maintains over 100 interviews per year and has been growing since its inception in 2014.

From the very beginning, the design was built responsively. All assets are sent via CDN for speedy delivery. The logo is an embedded SVG, ideal for retina displays and the future 4K monitors.

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